A readable, straightforward but serious treatment of some of modern spirituality's most pressing questions. The approach in this work is to look at the gospels through a new lens, which is the work by Martinus. What results is a fascinating exploration of some of the key issues of the day

The Eternal I

I explore some new ideas concerning the basic structure of the "self". I introduce how Martinus brings clear analysis to his view of the self, and what this means for an understanding of self in Christianity


Martinus's grand vision of the universe and all things. The universe is eternal and infinite in his view, but how is it different to the view in Christianity?

Love's true nature

What is the true nature of love? I explore Martinus's answer, which draws on and corresponds with ancient teachings from the Old and New Testament

Human sexuality

No other spiritual writer explores human sexuality like Martinus. The sexual experience of the human being is intimately bound up with the spiritual, in this view.


What is the real nature of reality? Some of Martinus's analyses here are explored, regarding both physical and spiritual realities.

Evil and suffering

What's behind one of life's spiritual mysteries? The problem of evil, so troublesome in Christianity, is given extensive treatment in Martinus's works


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Chapter Overviews

In this introductory volume, a general overview of Martinus’s system of thinking is set out, and this covers all the main ideas that he explores. I use the “lens” of these ideas to look at the gospels. Some of these chapters cover the following…

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

In this chapter, I present a short, thematic overview of Martinus's entire worldview. This provides the setting for the subsequent discussion of the gospels

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Central to Martinus's works is the idea of consciousness and how it is implicated in everything we do and experience. For Martinus, Jesus displays a higher form of consciousness that all human beings are on the way to developing

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

For Martinus, the idea of karma is as present in Christianity as it is in Eastern religions. The particular dynamics of karma are, he feels, of vital importance in the experience of life

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

The road to light is the road to the "kingdom" that Jesus spoke about, according to Martinus. This kingdom is in his view a future society that is currently in development. In evolutionary terms, this kingdom is as near to day as it was in Jesus's time

From the Author

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"I came across Martinus's works in 2011, and immediately found them to be of good quality. I'd certainly read a fair bit of spiritual writings over the years, so I knew what to look out for. With this work, I introduce readers in English to works that have the potential to help create a foundation for a true 'spiritual science'. Whether used by themselves or as part of a more open enquiry, Martinus's works offer a complete picture of spiritual reality, life and experience."