Welcome to my Internet home. I’m in the process of redeveloping and redesigning this site, to be completed by the end of the year, so please bear with this somewhat outdated design.

I’m interested in so many things, temporal and spiritual – from health and fitness, to academic research, culture and social issues, to the mundane and silly. I love travelling and being in different places in the world, enjoying this wonderful world as much as I can. My hope is that this site will bring together all the content I create in these areas and on these topics. I will send out an announcement when this project is nearly completed.

On spirituality

I’m a writer and thinker, specializing in modern spirituality. I’m also a practitioner, deeply engaged with spiritual development. I write about the various challenges and issues that people who are seriously engaged in and with spirituality face. I write about some of the solutions to these issues as well. In our post-religious age, there are particular and serious problems that come up for individuals and communities engaged in spirituality. Yet, there are also enormously important opportunities.

Those individuals who are more or less free of religion have only their own selves to answer to when it comes to their spirituality. Now free of religious authority or diktats, people can make and find their own path and way. The great popularity of spirituality as a subject of many books and courses, and of persons writing and running them, has led to a spirituality “industry”. But problems can occur along the way, and it is not always easy to see what the problems are.

Sometimes, the problem is determining what is good advice and what is poor. Who can really be trusted on the Internet? What actually works? Sometimes, the biggest problem is that any so-called “progress” along the spiritual path actually comes to a stop, but the person does not realize it. Worse still, the path can actually go the wrong way, or in a different direction, but the person still thinks they are on the right road. What to do in such a situation? The answer is not easy or straightforward.

However, there are solutions and ways through the difficulties, and it is these that are the main focus of the content on spirituality here. 

My book, “Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution“, is also available to purchase. It introduces and presents the main ideas and teachings of the Danish writer Martinus (1890-1981), a still largely unknown but important writer on the spiritual universe and development. There is a lot to be gained from reading some of Martinus’s works, and in this book I point out to readers interested in new spiritual perspectives some of the most important spiritual analyses of the last 150 years.


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