The Christmas Gospel

For the first time in English, Martinus's reinterpretation of the Gospel narratives is now available in a new translation by Anton Jarrod.

The digital version is available on Amazon (affiliate link), and a print copy can be bought from the Martinus Institute bookshop. Simply follow the links below. You can also read the text for free on the website by clicking the book cover opposite.

Here is the quote from the back cover:

When Martinus gives his lecture on “The Christmas Gospel” on 10th December 1944, the world is still in the darkness of war and largely unaware of its most abhorrent horrors. But its end is approaching and there is a glimmer of light. And it is this light in the darkness that is perhaps the very subject of Martinus’s cosmic retelling of the nativity. For him, the gospels reveal and symbolise a fundamental fact about the evolution of cosmic consciousness – that it is born or emerges in the terrestrial human being, living in the darkness of the animal kingdom.

The cosmic story of the living being’s evolution and the various aspects of life that relate to it are also seen to be told through the nativity narrative. The virgin birth, the persecution by Herod, the gifts of the three holy kings, and the message of peace and good will as told in the gospels reveal as much about the evolution of society, of science and art, of sexual pole transformation and sexual development as they do about the life of Jesus. And it is this hidden, deeper layer of meaning that Martinus presents to his readers in a fascinating little book that is now available in English, from 10th December 2019, exactly 75 years since Martinus gave the lecture that forms the basis of this book, which he published in Contact Letters during 1945-46. During our own troubled times, reading The Christmas Gospel may throw some warm light this winter.