It is a curious thing to start writing a blog post when there is as yet no audience. It feels a bit like talking to oneself. Yet, one has to start somewhere, and even though this blog or website has no visitors as present, it still seems worthwhile to prepare some content that might be useful in the future.

In the next weeks and months, I will aim to share some details of Martinus’s life from the sources that are available to us in English. These are mainly the “Memoirs” from a 1963 interview/recording, published in the magazine Kosmos, and some short books, such as “On the birth of my mission”. There is as yet no biography of Martinus in English.

I may as well begin with Martinus’s birth. He was born on 11 August 1890 in a small village called “Sindal”, in north-western Denmark. His mother, then 42 years old, was called Else Christine Mikkelsen. He was her first and last child. The identity of his father is not known with certainty, but Martinus suspected it was ‘Lars Larsen, the landed proprietor of the large farm “Christianshede”, which was later renamed “Kristiansminde”‘.