Whilst the spiritual life is never dull and whilst it always seems to be a time of richness, June 2018 will be particularly interesting for me as it will be a time where I move a step forward with the “public” side of my spiritual practice. Over the last year I’ve been experimenting with various kinds of online publication, trying to find my feet with all the tools and options that are available, and the various kinds of media through which communication can be made. But it’s really only now that I can see a way forward that works in terms of sharing and promoting my work.

And what is that work? Well, I’ve been very busy as someone who has been following and investigating the spiritual journey for the last twenty years, having been interested in spirituality all my life. After making a serious commitment to the spiritual life more than a decade ago, I’ve been working on developing high quality analyses of a whole range of themes and issues related to this area, which in the last years I’ve started to share. Certainly my book on Martinus Cosmology was one fruit of that work, but there are many more things that I’d like to share from what I’ve learned, and so it is very exciting to start making this work available now.

We live in a very curious time, and a very fortunate time, because we live in a zone of reality where all the pieces of the puzzle of the mysteries of life are here already. But it may surprise some people to hear that they are not only found in one work or the work of one writer, culture, or tradition. And they are not found only in physical materials. Instead, the whole of life itself, including all of our experiencing and perceiving, now appears to humanity as a great teacher, as a puzzle waiting to be pieced together. Sure, many people are writing and speaking about this, including myself, but such writings are only aids or supporting works to the major work of life itself. Whilst these aids can help us understand and learn the language of life, just as a language book can help us learn Spanish, it is only life itself that speaks, and when you learn that language it is not necessary to then rely on books, or teachings on spirituality or religious traditions.

And this is what is new. In the past, in order to develop spirituality, in terms of spiritual identity and understanding spiritual reality, you had to follow the leader, you had to read this or that book, subscribe to a system of belief, follow certain practices. This was the religious way. Whilst today it can certainly be interesting and rewarding to consider religious teachings and to read this or that book on spirituality, such things are not the foundation of the new spirituality. Sure, people can completely reject religious ideas and instead focus their attention on popular authors of spiritual books and newer spiritual writings, but these can also be treated in a religious way. The new spirituality that I talk about and which forms part of my own journeying has far less to do with all this.

There are enormous possibilities for development, spiritual evolution, and evolution of the planetary social, economic and political situation as regards all people, whether or not they feel responsive to the new spiritual impulse and dynamic that is currently interacting with us. Yet with these possibilities there also come many new problems, challenges, issues and so on, many of which are invisible and have yet to be articulated. It would be highly irresponsible to not speak up about bumps in the road if they are likely to make people fall. And it’s also with this in mind that it feels like a good time to share something from what I’ve learned about spiritual journey.

It is not only a new perspective on the spiritual journey that you gain from travelling its road, as it is also life itself that gets perceived in a new light. The spiritual journey doesn’t happen outside of life, but within it – it cuts through it, forging a new path. And from this path you inevitably look at life in a different way, from a different vantage point. It is one of the fruits of journeying. Everything that is going on around us, our shared experience, looks somewhat different from that viewpoint. And this can be interesting, and worth sharing, even if those who don’t have that viewpoint can’t see it, value it or trust it. But this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t share it.

So over the coming months I’ll be creating more content on spirituality and sharing it more widely, with the hope to reach those people who would really find it interesting and useful. There is so much out there, perhaps an overwhelming amount of material, but this shouldn’t deter anyone from sharing their own output – we find what we need and what we’re looking for, and life finds a way to put us in contact with it, so all one needs to concern oneself with is putting “it” out there.