I’m very pleased to launch today the new look for antonjarrod.com, which is now live. I hope visitors like it. It has been a lot of work, to say the least. And just to add: a big “thank you” must go to Cyn @ Blue Ripple Agency, whose help with my new eBook has been instrumental.

Along with the new look, I’m also really pleased to launch the new main focus for the content on this site: consciousness. 

Look out for some in-depth, high-quality articles on the subjects of consciousness, higher consciousness and approaches to consciousness from a modern, non-religious and non-materialistic perspective in the coming months. In addition, I will be speaking much more about my own personal exploration of consciousness. 

In the meantime, with the launch of my new introductory video on consciousness (which you can see on the home page as well as on YouTube), I wanted here to expand on some key points from it. 

“All fundamental change requires ultimately a shift in consciousness”

Consciousness is at the heart of everything we know and experience; it is that experience, that knowing. It is through our experience – and our acquisition of knowledge that comes through that experience – that we can change our relationship to, and instigate change in, the world around us.  

When we look at the major issues of our time, from major health crises to social disorder and inequality, the human element cannot be ignored as being the chief factor involved in any change. If we want to ensure our world is healthier, our communities richer, our planet cleaner, and our close or our international relations more harmonious, then humans have to not only acquire different knowledge and think differently, but they have to be different. 

Being different entails having a different consciousness, and this in turn means relating differently to the world, to one another and to ourselves. Through changing our consciousness, our behaviour changes as much as our knowledge and experience. The result of that is a changed self, a changed world. 

This is not some ‘woo woo’ fantasy. Human history presents us with an incontestable record of change. Behind every single change in human history is ultimately a human being (or group of them) and therefore a consciousness through which that historical change occurred. Change happens. Consciousness is there. Yet we fail to take it into consideration for it is so very often in the blind spot. 

By becoming conscious of how consciousness plays its role in everything, we begin to see how central that role is and how necessary it is in creating any change that human beings desire.

“Consciousness evolves as much by knowledge and effort as it does by nature and natural processes”

The idea of the evolution of consciousness is arguably still not accepted as a mainstream idea or as belonging to the main body of knowledge. But that body of knowledge still does not know what consciousness is. For example, in mainstream scientific literature, consciousness is still considered a ‘mystery’. It is only outside of the mainstream bodies of knowledge that we find this idea of the evolution of consciousness. 

But this doesn’t mean that this idea of the evolution of consciousness is not true or valid. All it means, for example, is that mainstream science hasn’t yet said (or been able to determine) it is true or valid. 

There are, however, ways forward. Bridges can be built between the different bodies of knowledge so that the idea of the evolution of consciousness moves from apparent fiction to fact. 

This will take time. 

Whilst that is happening, people for whom this idea is already acceptable can focus on the evolution of consciousness. From the ‘alternative’ body of knowledge on consciousness, two competing ideas about it emerge. First, that consciousness evolves only naturally and according to natural processes, and that we cannot do anything about it. Second, that consciousness only evolves by human effort, through practise and things like meditation. 

In fact, it is my view that both ideas are true and they not mutually exclusive. The evolution of consciousness is both a natural process, which happens without us doing anything at all, and at the same time it can only occur through human efforts. 

This apparent paradox is one of the main subjects to be dealt with on my website. 

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