Anton Jarrod is a writer, researcher and thinker specialising in the subject of consciousness. In addition, he is a practitioner of a modern approach to spiritual development. He writes from a non-religious, non-physicalist perspective and worldview, where his main areas of research and interest are higher consciousness, 'modern spirituality' and spiritual development. As a practitioner, Anton can provide confidential, one-to-one support in the form of spiritual counselling. He is also able to facilitate 'spiritual inquiry'.

His academic background is in the humanities and social sciences, where he has degrees from UCL and LSE in London. He started a PhD in Sociology at the University of Cambridge in 2018, researching contemporary spirituality, unemployment and well-being.

He has a particular expertise in the writings of Martinus (1890-1981), an important but still not very well-known visionary writer from Denmark. His book, Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution, was published in 2017. It introduces the main ideas and teachings of Martinus as they are applied to the Gospel narratives. You can also listen to an interview with Anton about Martinus's original contributions here.

For more information about Anton's own 'spiritual journey', biography and spiritual counselling, see below.

(Page info: First published: 05 November 2016; Revised: 08 June 2020)


In 2018, Anton prepared a short, three-part video series in which he described and outlined his 'spiritual journey' for a general audience. Since June 2020, preparations have been underway to create a short, documentary-style film especially for this website. Further details will be announced nearer the time of release.

Since August 2020, a new 'timeline' feature has been added to this page (see below). It presents key biographical details in a visual way.


Anton is able to offer ‘Spiritual Counselling’ to clients on a one-to-one, confidential basis. After completing a two-year training in spiritual counselling and interfaith ministry with the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in 2016, Anton has developed a unique approach and offering, grounded in more than 20 years of research into spirituality, to support clients in their personal and spiritual journey.

Spiritual Counselling involves creating a ‘space’ in which we can witness and listen deeply to what arises in the present moment. All is welcome in that space, where counsellor and client stand as equals. There is no ‘fixing’ and there is no judgement; there is simply an openness to the treasures that are revealed by attending to the present moment in a safe and loving space. For bookings and more detailed information, see the dedicated page here.


Anton is committed to providing free, high-quality information and resources on spiritual development to as many people as possible through his books, this website and various social media channels. The approach to spiritual development that is promoted is based on a self-teaching model and philosophy: individuals are encouraged to craft their own pathway of spiritual development and take full advantage of all the resources on spirituality that people in the 21st century have available to them. It is an approach that finally does away with the need for spiritual teachers, guides and gurus.

It is intended that the information and resources on this site should eventually aid visitors with all their queries and support needs regarding spiritual development. However, since this site is in development and complete information is not yet available, specific queries can be made by using the contact form.


Possibilities exist for ‘spiritual inquiry’ on a one-to-one and small group basis. Spiritual inquiry here refers to a form of peer-based, co-operative and co-created experiential inquiry into (and exploration of) all areas of spirituality. Experience and proficiency in modern spiritual pathways is an essential pre-requisite.

A dedicated page on this website containing more information, research and orientation guides for 'spiritual inquiry' will made be available soon. If you’d like to explore whether this might be suitable for you, provisional enquiries can be made using the contact form.


In lieu of a full autobiography, Anton shares snippets of some main events from his life. As a work in progress, expect this timeline to grow as more events are added.

  • 1979: Growing up in London
    Born in 1979, Anton grew up on London's Aylesbury Estate, which in 2008 The Times called 'Hell's Waiting Room' (Martin Fletcher, 20 October 2008). He attended St Peter's Primary School in Walworth.
  • 1987: Living in Telford, Shropshire
    Family moves to Telford in Shropshire.
  • 1997: French at Oxford University
    Anton attends Oxford University to read French before dropping out in 1998.
  • 2001: English at UCL
    After working in legal services for a Telford company, Anton moves back to London to read English at University College London in 2001. Graduates with First Class honours degree in 2004. Goes on to do a Masters at UCL in 2005/6.
  • 2006: Scandinavian Life
    Anton lives between London and Oslo between 2006 and 2010.
  • 2010: Spiritual ‘Coming Out’
    Between 2010-2011, Anton 'comes out' about his spiritual life and identity to close friends. Begins a new stage of life.
  • 2014: Spiritual Counselling and Ministry Training
    Continuing to explore a sense of 'vocation' in modern spirituality since 2010, Anton trains as a spiritual counsellor with the OneSpirit Interfaith Seminary in London.
  • 2015: Reads Social Policy at LSE
    Anton develops his academic skills by reading for a Master's in Social Policy Research at the LSE. Gains a distinction for this in 2017.
  • 2016: Sets up
    Image of 2017 website design and new look
    Anton sets up his website,, shortly after completing training as a spiritual counsellor and writing a first draft of a work on Martinus Cosmology.
  • 2017: Publishes book on Martinus Cosmology
    Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution is finished and published in 2017.
  • 2018: Starts PhD Sociology at Cambridge
    Anton joins Jesus College Cambridge and reads for the PhD in Sociology, researching unemployment and well-being.
  • 2020: Relaunches
    Photo showing website front page in development at
    Anton publishes his 'Guide to Spiritual Success' and relaunches in July 2020, beginning a new phase of work in the field of modern spirituality.