Welcome to my Internet home. I’m a writer, thinker and practitioner of modern spirituality. I hope to publish here high-quality articles on this and related subjects.

In particular, I write about the various challenges and issues that people who are seriously engaged in and with spirituality face. I write about some of the solutions to these issues as well. In our post-religious age, there are particular and serious problems that come up for individuals and communities engaged in spirituality. Yet, there are also enormously important opportunities.

Those individuals who are more or less free of religion have only their own selves to answer to when it comes to their spirituality. Now free of religious authority or diktats, people can make and find their own path and way. The great popularity of spirituality as a subject of many books and courses, and of persons writing and running them, has led to a spirituality “industry”. But problems can occur along the way, and it is not always easy to see what the problems are.

Sometimes, the problem is determining what is good advice and what is poor. Who can really be trusted on the Internet? What actually works? Sometimes, the biggest problem is that any so-called “progress” along the spiritual path actually comes to a stop, but the person does not realize it. Worse still, the path can actually go the wrong way, or in a different direction, but the person still thinks they are on the right road. What to do in such a situation? The answer is not easy or straightforward.

However, there are solutions and ways through the difficulties, and it is these that are the main focus of the content here. 

Also, look out for my forthcoming book, “Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution“, where I introduce and present the main ideas and teachings of the Danish writer Martinus (1890-1981), a still largely unknown but important writer on the spiritual universe and development. There is a lot to be gained from reading some of Martinus’s works, and in this book I point out to readers interested in new spiritual perspectives some of the most important spiritual analyses of the last 150 years.

This website is still under development, so please be patient while I create some useful and valuable content for it.

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I’ve decided to change the look of my website, ready for the publication of my forthcoming work, “Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution”. The old website took too long to load up, and so this website is cleaner and simpler. It’s in the very early stages, and there’s lots of work to do on it. But get …


I’m an author, spiritual practitioner and thinker, currently living in London. I’m currently writing about the work of Martinus, “one of modern spirituality’s still undiscovered gems.”

I grew up in London in the 1980s, and in Shropshire in the 1990s, before returning to London in 2001 to study and work. I was always interested in what lay behind apparent reality, and I began to explore spirituality and consciousness from an early age. Until the last couple of years, this has always been a rather private endeavour.

I’ve always followed my own path in life, as a free spirit. I taught myself, and made my own enquiry. On this journey, I gradually discovered the deeper nature of being, life, experience and reality. Since 2010, I’ve been deepening this discovery, which goes on and on.

As I wrote in the Introduction to ‘In A New Light: Volume 1: The Four Gospels’: Mine has been a gradual, holistic, and ongoing awakening to reality and spiritual mastery. I’ve been following an independent, self-guided cultivation and development path all my life… I try to approach things with an open and balanced mind, keep my eyes and ears open, and just learn as I go.

And at this point in my life, I’m happy to share some of the results of this enquiry.

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