Introducing myself and my work on Medium

I’m very pleased to start sharing my work on Medium. Over the coming months, I’ll be publishing short articles on modern spirituality, as well as Martinus Cosmology, here.

I have a real passion and deep interest in this field. I’m particularly interested in seeking out and applying the works and ideas of the field’s most profound thinkers. The last hundred or so years has, in my view, opened up entirely new possibilities for spiritual development and evolution. However, many new challenges and issues arise as well, and I wonder whether these are being so well articulated in our time, or having their solutions sought. There are many new questions that need answering by and within this field. What is more, I feel that the field itself as a whole needs to develop and move forward.

My background consists of the following intertwining strands. First, there is my formal/informal, independent intellectual work and investigation into modern spirituality over the last twenty years. This has involved a deep engagement with many of the main thought currents on spirituality that have emerged since the 1850s. This has involved using qualitative approaches and techniques to examining texts, contexts and philosophies that have emerged out of or fed into modern spirituality. Although my formal educational background has consisted of studying other subjects, namely English literature and Social Policy, my analytical research in spirituality has involved applying the epistemological and methodological tools I’ve picked up over the years to this area of study.

Second is my practical, developmental and inner transformational work, which has been going on for as long as I can remember, but which took on more formal aspects back in 2003. Here, the main thrust of this aspect was to develop reliable, sound and valid approaches to personal, inner work. I hope in the future to get the chance to write up some of this work for publication.

Third, there is also the encounter with the difficult-to-describe, call-it-what-you-will “something” behind reality. Perhaps the word “spirit” or “essence” captures something of it. It has taken time for me to recognize this essence as being there, but now I can more easily and readily affirm it as being an integral part of my own background and journeying. Again, I hope to write up something about it in the future.

After exploring more deeply my own sense of “vocation” since around 2011 or so, and after having got the opportunity to take part in and complete a two-year interfaith seminary training programme that finished in 2016 and culminated in ordination as an interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor, I decided to start writing about modern spirituality. My first book, “Martinus Cosmology and Spiritual Evolution”, is now available and aims to introduce readers in the English-speaking world to the profound works and ideas of Martinus, a still little relatively unknown Danish spiritual writer of the twentieth century.

Now, in 2017, after more than 20 years of serious exploration and work, I’m happy to share some of the results of this work. Look out for the forthcoming articles on spiritual development and the future of modern spirituality.

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