(This post has been created from the page ‘Errata’, which has been deleted to keep the top menu clean).

Many first editions of books contain errors or “errata”, no matter how diligent the proofreading has been. This is perhaps more so when the author is also the proof-reader. When errors are identified, they can be corrected in a subsequent printing.

On this page, I will put up a list of identified errors for In A New Light: Volume 1. When an opportunity arises to create a new printing or edition, these can be included. In the meantime, please use this list for the current first edition. Page references refer to the paperback edition, published in November 2016.

Page 299: Book title for the author “John of the Cross” is incorrect. It should read: John of the Cross, St. 1994. Dark Night of the Soul: Books 1 & 2. Washington: Image Books.

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