95 Questions

On the 7th November 2016, two days after announcing the publication of my book on Martinus, “In A New Light”, I had the idea to try to gently promote the work. The idea came to me to draw up a list of 95 questions that the book asks and answers. I had Luther’s 95 theses in my mind at the time, hence 95 questions and not 60 or 101. The idea was to post one question a day on twitter.

However, after a while I saw that it was perhaps a bit boring and uninteresting to people to deliver the questions in this way. So I decided on 15th January to just draw up the list of 95 questions and put them in a single blog post. Instead of posting them on twitter, I put the full set of questions here instead:

 95 Questions

1          What is the nature of #love or #evil and does it have any purpose at all?

2          The role of #US #President is a powerful one in our time, but where does #real #power lie?

3          What kind of consciousness is behind a good #politican or #president?

4          What is the #future of #humanity?

5          Is there such a thing as #Armageddon, from a #spiritual point of view?

6          What is #energy and does it have anything to do with #spirituality?

7          Is there a new #spiritual perspective and how relevant is it to today’s #worldproblems?

8          What does the #eucharist mean and what is the #flesh & #blood of #Jesus?

9          Does #Jesus mean #reincarnation when he speaks of being born of #water and #spirit?

10        Who are the real #demons that #Jesus casts out during his #ministry?

11         Are there different types of #consciousness, & what other ways could we categorize them?

12        Is there another meaning of the #parable of the #sower?

13        What is the #real #kingdom and where could it be?

14        How “could the #human being really be an #organism in a larger being”?

15        How does the new #spirituality differ from #religion?

16        What happens after we die? The Danish #spiritual thinker #Martinus reponds.

17        Is there a relationship between #meateating or #vegetarianism and #spirituality?

18        Are we #alone in the #universe and how can we know?

19        Does the #universe contain a more advanced #intelligence than ours?

20       What is the real #HolySpirit that is mentioned in the #bible?

21        What is the #meaning of your #life and how can you really find out?

22       Who are you really and how can you have true #knowledge, and not merely #belief?

23       What is the real #origin of #humankind?

24       What is the ultimate #purpose of your #life and experience?

25        What is the purpose to any #suffering you are experiencing?

26       Is there anything you can do to end any #suffering you are experiencing?

27        What is happening to you when you #dream or #sleep?

28       Who is really in control of your #spiritual #development?

29       How can you ensure that your #actions will be #successful or lead to the intended outcome?

30       How can you make the #best out of what is available, #spiritually, in our time?

31        What, in the end, is #consciousness?

32       How can you overcome fear?

33       Is there a future of #peace for the #world?

34       What is #spiritual #revolution and what would it look like?

35        What is the basis of #health, both physical and spiritual?

36       Is there such a thing as a spiritual #gene?

37        What is the basis for #beliefInGod?

38       Is #religion any use in the modern era?

39       What is the deeper analysis of the human #body in the modern spiritual perspective?

40       What would be a good #spiritualpractice for modern people to practice?

41        Is there any way that modern spirituality can speak to modern #science or social science?

42       Can modern #spirituality help deal effectively with #terrorism in the 21st century?

43       What is the spiritual process that is behind the virgin birth?

44       Is there another way to read the #Christmas #gospel?

45        How can people whose worldviews are not entirely described by #religion or #science understand the #nativity?

46       What could it mean, that the #virginmary was visited by the #holyspirit?

47        What is the nature of the conception of #Jesus by the #virginmary?

48       Is it important that Jesus’s parents were spoken of as being righteous, and if so, what is the significance here?

49       What is a #cosmicglimpse?

50        What does it mean, to be in the #animalkingdom?

51        What are the ways #modernspirituality can understand the immaculate conception?

52        How might a #modernspirituality explain physical conception?

53        What is the difference between spiritual science and #mysticism?

54        How might the #parable of the sower be interpreted anew?

55        What happens after #monotheism and #atheism?

56        Is there such a thing as an #energy of #intuition?

57        What does modern spirituality understand by the #saved and the damned?

58        Is there a function for #forgiveness, beyond its psychological benefits?

59        What does it mean, “the Father and I are one”?

60       In what ways is our current civilization actually quite primitive?

61        What is the right thing to do in the face of injustice and evil?

62       What is spiritual science?

63       Do human beings have unfinished sides and if so what are they?

64       What is the purpose of religion and belief?

65        Is there another way of looking at baptism and what it is referring to?

66       Do you know what pole development is and what it might mean for your evolution?

67        Is there such a thing as “fate of humankind” and if so, what is it?

68       What is the X1 and how does it relate to things as they appear?

69       What is perfection in Martinus’s thinking and how is it achieved?

70        What does Martinus think is the real significance of the crucifixion?

71        Is the triune principle something that we can know empirically?

72        Was Jesus God’s one and only son?

73        Does one choose the circumstances of one’s birth, and other factors that determine life?

74        What are “birth pangs” as regards spiritual evolution?

75        What is materialization and how is it possible?

76        What determines pole development?

77        What are the six basic energies and how do they combine?

78        What factors and principles in Martinus’s works explain conflicts like those happening in Syria?

79        How is a human body produced by an immaterial “something”?

80       How is eternity structured in Martinus’s worldview?

81        What happened at the tomb Jesus was crucified?

82       What is the primordial desire?

83       What factors of consciousness are behind the existence of social inequality, according to Martinus?

84       How is the “I” of a being involved in cause and effect?

85        What is a “macrobeing” and where is it?

86       Does prayer have a function beyond what is ordinarily understood?

87        How can money and business be squared with modern spirituality?

88       What can account for the experience of homo- and bi-sexuality?

89       What kinds of consequences are there for imbalances between intelligence and feeling?

90       What is the future of worship?

91        Is there such a thing as Heaven?

92       Is there such a thing as Hell?

93       Who are what is the devil or Satan?

94       What or who is God?

95        What is absolutely real love?

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